The Challenge

Kompagni47 is a Dance & Performing Arts association based in Næstved. Their mission is to educate and inspire the youth of Næstved to learn to dance and use their bodies, unfolding their artistic abilities and creativity. At the same time, Kompagni47 develops, choreographs, and produces their own amazing performances. Kompagni47 has emerged from Næstved’s underground scene, and therefore, their graphic and visual expression should reflect their connection to the street – something that is deeply embedded in their DNA.

The Solution

We developed a direction that combined bold, defiant typography with the more refined version of themselves, which is connected to the emotional and unique aspects. This is expressed in the typographic combination of SAN SERIF and SERIF.


Performing arts is in its essence a visual medium, so we had to ensure it became the focal point of the website. The gray, white, and black color palette highlights their roots in the street environment, along with the slightly exaggerated screaming purple as an accent color and sharp edges to draw attention to the grayish tones.

Kompagni47 says:

“We have been incredibly happy with the website Almind Creative designed for us. The communication was good, and we quickly got the website we dreamed of. The product is especially praised by our young users! Almind Creative has truly captured the style we wanted for our website, so it reflects us and our values.”

Sine Krag - Stifter, Kompagni47

Sine Krag,
Founder - Kompagni47

Design Guide